Parathe wali gali Delhi

Paranthe wali gali or “paranthe wali gali” of Purani Delhi is a must go place for for paratha lovers. It’s a paradise – Aloo Paratha, mooli paratha, gobhi paratha, mix veg paratha, tomoto paratha, Paneer paratha, Papad paratha, kaju paratha, rabri paratha, khurchan paratha, daal paratha and 20 more types of parathas.

Where is parathe wali gali in Delhi?


Onion Paratha

1 large onion; grated or very finely chopped,
1 or as per taste, green chilli; finely chopped,
Few coriander leaves; finely chopped,
Salt to taste,
2 tbsp oil/melted ghee,
2 tbsp gramflour (besan),
Wheat flour as required,
Warm water for kneading.

Mix together all the ingredients and knead a soft dough. Set it aside for 30 minutes or more. Make lemon size balls and roll into parathas using some flour to dust. Heat a griddle/pan, place the paratha, reduce the flame to medium, spread some ghee/oil on the top and flip over. Let the paratha cook well from this side. Then spread some ghee/oil on the top and again flip over. Cook the paratha till it is evenly golden brown from both the sides. Similarly prepare all the parathas and serve with dal tadka or any vegetable like paneer kadhai, dum aloo, chana, etc.

Plain Paratha

1 cup atta(wheat flour)+ 1/2 cup for rolling,
1 cup maida(refined wheat flour),
4 tbsp ghee,
Oil for kneading and frying,
Salt to taste.

In a large mixing bowl, mix 1 cup wheat flour, maida, salt, 2 tbsp ghee and 1 tbsp oil, mix and knead a dough with water. When dough of a rolling consistency is ready, keep aside for atleast an hour.
Make big balls from the dough, big enough to fit in your fist. There are various ways in which you roll parathas.
1. Roll a puri(small round), apply ghee all over and then make two folds, first horizontal and then again apply some ghee and fold vertically to form a triangle. And then roll this triangle to a bigger triangle, which is evenly thick.
2. Roll a puri, apply ghee and start rolling the puri from one end to another. Seal all the open ends. Now you have a cylinder shape, roll this again lengthwise from one end to another. Again seal the ends to form a circular shape(like chakli). Now roll this to the size of paratha.

Heat a tava/griddle, grease with some oil and fry the paratha on one side. Apply some more oil/ghee on the top and flip the paratha. Fry from both sides evenly. Serve these parathas with any sabji.